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You have a great looking web site with all the information necessary to convince anyone to do business with you.. but no one is calling or emailing you, why? Simple, they cannot find your website on search engines.

Just having a website is of no good unless you are listed on the major search engines – which are the best source to bring steady leads and sales for your business. But again, just having a listing with those major search engines isn't enough, its all about getting listed on the first page (or at least within first 3 pages) for a highly targeted keywords related to your business that will send droves of potential customers to your website.

However, the problem is how to get your website listed on the first page (or within first 3 pages) when there are billions of web pages already indexed by search engines plus thousands of new web pages been added everyday. So, getting a listing on the first page on major engines is really difficult, even if you get a listing, its equally difficult to maintain that top listing forever as the search engines change their rules (algorithm) frequently.

Ok.. now its solution time. Is there any good solution for this? Of course, Yes! It’s called Pay Per Click Search Engines.

A Pay Per Click (also known as Pay Per Ranking, Pay Per Placement or Pay Per Position) is a performance based system to get guaranteed ROI (Return on Investment) for your search engine marketing efforts by getting your website listed on the first page (or within the first 3 pages) on major search engines (like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, etc..) results through bidding on keywords specifically related to your business. You only pay when a prospect or user clicks on your listing and visit your website, so you do not pay for listing; you only pay for actual clicks or click throughs. This model was introduced couple of years before, and now it has completely transformed the whole search engine world.

What is advantage of pay per click search engine marketing over other forms of online marketing?

When compared to other online marketing methods like banners ad, pop-ups, email marketing, classifieds.. etc, pay per click search engine marketing is one of the most effective marketing model. Why is it so? Because you are getting well targeted prospects who are actively searching for what you are offering. So, when a prospect visits your website through pay per click search engines, they have come to get information on a particular subject and will have an open mindset to buy. Whereas banners ads, pop-ups, emails are seen as an intrusion into the buyer’s online experience.

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Pay per click is also one of the fastest way to bring TARGETED traffic that can produce a steady flow of sales for your business. It also allows to establish metrics for your website conversions, ie. how many prospects that visit your website converts to business, which is very critical.

Pay per click listing gives your website instant traffic by completely side stepping the lengthy process of optimizing the sites for getting organic search listing ("organic" means free or non-paid listings). Using Pay per click listing your website can be get listed on the first page (or within the first 3 pages) on major search engines which will help you to:

· Acquire new business leads and sales in a more cost effective manner

· Check the demand for your product or service before you can invest into a new business model by testing with live audience and gather results in real time

· Quickly gather feedback about your product or service by doing a market research within your targeted niche

· Target a specific country or city audience for marketing your product or sevice

… and more

Why Use Pay Per Click listing to get traffic to your website, when you can get the same traffic for FREE using Organic Search Listings?

Well, there are quiet a lot of differences in using the Pay Per Click listing against organic search engine listings, we have listed few important points below:

Pay Per Click Search Listings
Organic Search Listings
Get guaranteed first page listing on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN & AOLAs each search engine has there own set of rules for listing a website and determine the ranking, its quiet difficult to get a guaranteed listing
Get guaranteed top placement by bidding on keywords related to your business There is no guarantee that a search engine would index your website or rank your website at top, as the results are based on complex algorithms
Use your own message to attract visitors to your website and direct them to appropriate landing page on your websiteNo control over the message that is been delivered to visitors and cannot direct them to the specified landing page always
Geo targeting is possible, that is to target specific country or state or city web audienceGeo targeting not possible, results delivered by default is globally targeted
Get top listings within few hours to 5 daysUsually takes anywhere between 2 to 6 months to get listed, top listing not guaranteed

Here's what we do...

There are many Pay Per Click search engines on the web today.. but we focus only on the top two per click search engines - Overture & Google (actually Google is not a pay per click search engine, but a kind of similar model with more advanced and cool features). Both these search engines cover approximately 80% of web audience. In order to get listed with these pay per click engines we undertake the following steps...

• Research keywords and search terms to generate a large list of targeted search terms for your business. We use highly effective industry standard tools to generate those keywords.

• Create unique ad copy with accurate marketing messages based on your business to attract a wide range of targeted audience. Because, the more attractive and precise the copy is, the more will be the click through rate (click through rate = no. of times the ad displayed / no. of times the ad clicked) which would help getting top listings on Google.

• Manage a cost effective bidding strategy on each pay per click program of your choice to maximize your return on investment.

• Getting top ranking by optimizing the bid value for keywords within the stipulated budget.

• Calculating the ROI - Return on Investment for all your keywords by tracking the results for all campaigns. Overtime, this data would be an invaluable asset for your business as you will have an extensive database that contains keywords that gives you maximum profit for your business.

• Monthly traffic status reporting for your website

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